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Show Crush: Bang Camaro at Broken Spoke, Bike Week 2009

June 16, 2009

What do you get when you put the biggest band in Boston at the most well known biker bar in New England? You get a guitar, beer and Harley fueled wet-dream only the bravest could envision!
Early Saturday evening I boarded a van with 10 members of the Boston band Bang Camaro and headed north to Laconia, NH for a Bike Week performance at the Broken Spoke saloon. If you know anything about the bedlam that takes place at Bike Week, well just imagine adding 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 drummer and 8 singers all on the same stage and stand back! If you don’t know, well you might want to close your eyes now. Let’s start the story with trying to get a band with this many members in one place at one time and still have enough time to drive the 100+ miles to Laconia: a challenge to say the least! This is a Rock band so to say it was a timing thing would be an understatement. Once loaded and after all the greetings, walks to the store and cigarette breaks were done we pulled out from the curb with a full-throttle jerk. Away we went! Sitting in the back of the bus bouncing to the ceiling at every bump in the road brought memories of riding the bus in school. But this was fitting since it also reminded me of the years of Kick ASS anthem bands with blazing guitar solos and headbanging, swaggering, and charismatic frontmen. Was I in the right van! As we traveled north, the band quietly tuned out to remixes of rap songs, metal riffs and yes even a Bang Camaro song or too, all while the sky turned black with the approaching storm. OMEN? Nah… but the thunder was coming.

Pulling up, the venue was a sight to be had. The parking lot, lawns, even the stage had bikes on it, a field of metal and leather. The band and I filed out of the van like an army ready to take on the legions of bikers and bargoers. The band started the show with an intro of just the guitar virtuosos of Bryn Bennett and Alex Necochea. These guys are a product of classic rock and arenas of yesteryear gone by. Long solos, finger tricks, hammer chords and killer hooks is what this is all about. Marching onto the stage comes the choir of 8 singers ready for the challenge of winning over a crowd set to Skynrd and Three Dog Night. With a slap in the face of “Swallow the Razor” and “Push Push Lady Lightning,” there wasn’t a jaw closed or fist that wasn’t pumping. The nitro crowd was stunned with the band most of them had never heard of. They were hooked and so was I! The vocals are epic with a depth that really can’t be described unless you hear it yourself. Sweat soaked hair and headbanging with fists in the air is all you see. Drums come in reminiscent of early Van Halen with Peter McCarthy at the helm. Bass handled by Dave ‘Doz’ Riley was an ever impressive example of how the low end can hold a band together, even one of this size. I would list all the singers but I would run out of room…

In this case, the short and long of it is that this is one show not to miss. It’s loud, infectious and just plain AWESOME! These guys have been on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel Live! and have songs in both Guitar Hero and Rock Band games but they are far more than that. TRUST ME!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about the post bar and ride home stories. Let’s just say beer is cheap, bartenders wear only underwear and nothing else, the ATM fee is $5, and never get the gas station tuna sub in New Hampshire! Long live Rock and Roll!

Peace, ShawNSixX

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  1. Shawn Sixx, you're my hero.

  2. Thanks for riding with us, Shawn. You are a welcome addition to the Camaro ManVan. I don't think I've ever seen anyone house a large bag of pork rinds like you, buddyboy.

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