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Band Crush: Flotation Walls

July 12, 2009

I thought my Really Good Night at this show would render me incapable of making it to this show but I managed to rally in time to see St. Claire and Flotation Walls.

St. Claire, sans drummer, played an ambient, atmospheric set. Emily Forsythe led the band with her usual grace, while Amelia Emmet (of Mr. Sister) sang beautiful backup vocals and played accordian. Glenn Forsythe, easily the most tasteful utility musician in Boston, joined on bass, banjo, keys, and additional backing vocals.

Flotation Walls, whom I suspected would be completely awesome, were, in fact, completely awesome. The band – frontman Carlos Avendaño, bassist Zak Moses, drummer Luke Brevoort, and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Stolte-Sawa – took the stage in their trademark yellow outfits and announced that they had all recently quit their jobs to tour full-time in support of their new album, Nature. The band played a kick-ass set, which, as a rookie Crusher, I didn’t have the sense to write down. It included all of the tracks that are up on their MySpace – my favorite was their closer, Willis the Fireman.

Flotation Walls exhibits all of my most admired indie band traits: interesting and sensitive dynamics, masterful musicianship (especially from Stolte-Sawa, who played violin, keys, guitar, and sang, all incredibly well), creative arranging, and wildly positive energy. Their songs combine the best cabaret elements of Queen with the unexpected structures and elegance of Bowie. Avendaño is a great showman, endearing himself to the audience immediately by reaching out to them from the beginning of their performance, asking for sing-alongs and guitar-playing assistance. The crowd, energetic and totally into the set, happily obliged.

I can’t wait for this band to come back to our fair city. In the meantime, look out for an upcoming Album Crush on Nature.

  1. Flotation Walls are awesome, I'm glad they're finally impressing people outside of Columbus! You should have seen the CD release party for Nature in Columbus – they had a 10-piece orchestra on stage with them with full arrangements for each song. It was totally rad!

  2. If it's the same set they played in New York (which I think it is) I believe they opened with Sperm and Egg. I believe Kids Look at the Waves was third and Worms was somewhere in there. Body was the song they played right before Willis the Fireman.They have some video from the two shows from New York (they played an acoustic set as well) on are pretty great.

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