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Album Crush: Nature, by Flotation Walls

July 25, 2009

I was lucky enough to see Flotation Walls live recently, as chronicled here. I bought their album at the show and I’ve finally listened to it enough times to write intelligently about what I think is easily one of the best albums of 2009.

Flotation Walls describe themselves as “art-pop,” which, based on this album, is totally apt. From the upbeat opening waltz “Sperm & Egg” through more lush, moody tracks like “Kids, Look at the Waves” and “Frozen Lake,” this album is varied and brilliantly conceived. The arrangements are unlike anything I’ve heard. Normally I’d try to describe an album by creating some kind of equation using similar bands, but I can’t do that here. Flotation Walls’ songs, dynamically, have a sound and feel that’s entirely their own. My favorite tracks on the album are the anthemic “Willis the Fireman” and “The Sky Ejaculates.” They both start delicately and bring you somewhere completely unexpected with singable, adamant codas. The whole album is tied together with beautiful choral tracks and a multi-layered, dreamy feel; it’s pretty, straight up, and a pleasure to listen to.

For a complete review of the album, visit The Limits of Science.

For information on purchasing the album, see the Flotation Walls official site.

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