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One Night Band Crush: Ernie Kim

August 12, 2009

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Ernest Soonho Kim was born in Washington, D.C. the morning of October 10, 1974. His favorite Boston bands before he moved to Cambridge in 1999 were The Wicked Farleys and Sam Black Church.

His local band history: Tristan da Cunha, 2000-present: guitar, singing, drums, alto saxophone. Harry and the Potters: drummed for them live and on record for their first few years until a little before the last book came out. The Nationale Blue: played guitar for the European tour when Jeff Barsky quit the band. Asgaard Scimitar: guitar, metal cover band. Paper Thin Stages: played saxophone with them at a bunch of shows while they were in their experimental improv phase. Our Black President, 2008:

BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most like to have a One Night Band with?
EK: Greg Kelly & Donna Parker, or a reunion with my former x-mas bandmates Santa’s Little Helpers (Tim Howard, Erin Dalbec, Joe and Paul Degeorge)

BBC: What is your normal song or part writing process? Will writing three songs in a single day drastically differ from your usual approach to creating music?
EK: Mess around and make a bunch of noise until someone does something that sounds cool, then everyone else plays to that until you have a part of the song, then do it again to come up with the next part. This should be compatible with the one day band thing.

BBC: What Boston band do you have the biggest crush on right now?
EK: Nassy

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