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One Night Band Crush: Andy Santospago

August 26, 2009

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Andy is a multi-instrumentalist composer and performer; guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, cello, pedal steel and dobro. He is very grateful to have worked with many others who love music, collaborating on dozens of albums and many film projects. Recently he released an album of original material, which received local and national critical acclaim.

BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most like to have a One Night Band with?
AS: John Powhida – the man can sing! David Minehan – the man can play and looks like he’s having a blast doing it. J. Geils – 5 minute rap to introduce each song.

BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most fear having a One Night Band with?
AS: Tom Scholz – I know my sounds would be all wrong.

BBC: What is your normal song or part writing process? Will writing three songs in a single day drastically differ from your usual approach to creating music?
AS: Sometimes just a funny saying or expression will spark an idea for a song, once that initial fuse is lit the song just becomes a puzzle to solve, I tend to either pop something out spontaneously or spend a lot of time editing. Writing three songs in one day will require all of the songs to be the spontaneous sort, if an idea doesn’t come quickly then I’ll just drop it and move on to the next.

BBC: What Boston band do you have the biggest crush on right now?
AS: Annie and the Beekeepers

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