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Show Review Crush: The Have Nots at the Middle East

October 17, 2009

Well the Rumble seems like it was a lifetime ago but last night brought up some good old Punk memories from that glorious battle of the bands. The Have Nots have been taking the local punk music scene by storm. They have reinvigorated a music genre in the Boston area but also seem to be doing the same nationwide. These guys seem to have a lot right now regardless of their name…
The Have Nots played the Middle East last night and continued to blow me away with their take on ska tweaked punk. These guys have an energy that really drives the band. The songs race down the stage to keep you on edge with anticipation of where this band is gonna take you. With this style of band, there are songs that speak of struggle, angst and strife. Songs like “Serf City USA” make me think of the concept of when “commentary becomes commodity.” They are actually saying things while tearing up the punk scene. They are saying we kick ass!
An undulating crowd of fans sweaty with Pabst flowing through their veins push and shove as front man Jon Cauztik belts out full on lyrical mastery. His vocals take on a bitter grittiness that increase in speed like an approaching train. The fast and furious guitars draws you in with a smirky Ska sound that sneaks in.

The Matt Pruit sound just can’t be ignored and sound like a low slung gunslinger stance ready to draw! Steve Patton and Jameson Hollis round out that alleyway sound that makes this band as pure as I have heard in awhile.

If you don’t hear the Operation Ivy and Rancid influences then you’re deaf but these guys do take it one step further. They bring back a feeling of enthusiasm that seems to get lost in some of the other bands out there right now.
Local band management Combat Jack Management is providing support for the band while they have been rounding the country spreading the real punk/ska sound from Boston. They are leaving for another stab at it Oct 18th and hitting Rochester, NY first. The Have Nots will be playing with local heroes Big D and the Kids Table and the DropKick Murphys next month.
If you haven’t seen The Have Nots play then you are missing a chance to see some of the best in the Boston area. Check em!
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