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Show Crush: Jemina Pearl at Middle East Down 11/4

November 3, 2009

It would be easy for me to say something about how cute Jemina Pearl is when I say you should go see her play at the Middle East Downstairs Wednesday night, but I fear she might take it the wrong way and kick my ass. She’s almost the antithesis of herself when you see her live (or at least she was when I saw her play with be your own PET a few years back) – the cute little blond girl with powerful pipes owns stages, spits high in the air, tells audiences to Fuck Off, and, back in the day, I was even vaguely reminded of Iggy Pop, who’s featured on her album Break It Up (check out the video for that track, called “I Hate People,” below). And, after hearing the album, too, I’m looking forward to hearing these songs live, songs that vaguely remind me of be your own PET with angry, bitter undertones hidden within the bouncy end-rhyme.

Middle East Downstairs
Jemina Pearl
Toro Y Moi
All Ages, $15


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  1. hey theres a cool in depth interview with Jemina here: it out dude!!!

  2. I am so there. I heart her.

  3. decent video for a lame ass song. The album features mostly lame ass songs. Bring back Be Your Own Pet!

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