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Music Video (and Show Recap) Crush: J-Krafty’s "Crafty" hits the streets

December 15, 2009

I told you a few days ago about J-Krafty’s video release show. Well, the crafting has gone down. The kidz in the crafty hood made gangsta crafts at the event at the many gangsta crafting stations (see video below for some samples) including Beer-can gangsta ornaments, potpourri dimebags, press-on dog tags, and screen-your-own “Crafty” t-shirts (with some help from the fine folks at Bubucheek Clothing). Well, now that the crafting has gone down, the video is available for your viewing enjoyment.

The video itself:

First, a behind-the-scenes look at the craftas:

From the release show:
J-Krafty and Knitta introduce the “Crafty” video

The crafting tables:

More photos at:

One Comment
  1. Those videos and pics are so great!!! Thanks Mike!!!

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