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Show review crush: Forest Henderson at T.T. the Bears – 1/6

January 7, 2010

Forest Henderson is possibly one of the most fun bands to see in Boston right now. They display a vast array musical influences and ideas within a tight pop-rock realm. Yes, Forest Henderson is at heart a party-rock band – easily accessible, easy to get into – which makes it so fun to be a part of their live show. Their dedicated following prove this theory time and time again.

Early in the set, Henderson led by frontman Billy Hubbard, display the first of many different stylistic variations. Their second song, “Tom Petty,” is reminiscent of the classic Meat Puppets song “Lake of Fire.” Complete with vocal harmonies at all the key points (executed quite impressively by bassist Chris Reckert), a cross of shredding and vocal melody allusion-ed guitar work done by guest guitarist, Eric Ramsley (of Big East), and a noisy, almost psychedelic outro. Seemingly the song is going to fall apart, when all of a sudden Skye Mazuroski on the drums brings everybody back in for a final hurrah.

The next song is a jazzy number, where Mazuroski swings it a bit on the kit and Reckert dances tastefully on the bass – carefully selecting each note. Then the band puts it in drop D tuning and performs “Deep, Deep Water.” This song opens with Hubbard strumming a rootsy guitar line complemented by an americana influenced vocal melody. The band creeps in, plodding along and keeping the vocals afloat. The heavy cry of the chorus reminded me a lot of the emotion conveyed in Bob Segers “Turn the Page.” Forest Henderson continues the set – crossing between tight all together gunshot like rhythmic stutters, and muddy, over-driven guitar rock. Towards the end of the set, much of the crowd is won over – dancing spastically all around the room. Two fans uncontrollably jumped up on stage to help Hubbard sing the chorus of their last tune “The Things I Could Do.” Keep an eye and ear out for Forest Henderson… you could be having this much fun.

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  1. LOVE Forest Henderson, show was awesome!

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