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Residency Crush: Jim Healey: Dreams of Odessa CD Release at O’Briens, Wednesdays in April!

April 7, 2010

You may recognize the man, but you may not recognize the music. Jim Healey is typically a hard hitter wielding an electric guitar, copping an aggressive stance, and wailing extreme vocals in his bands (We’re All Gonna Die, Black Thai). However, during the month of April he switches it up for a seat with an acoustic guitar, and some softer melodies that hit just as hard.

Being billed as “Jim Healey: Dreams of Odessa CD Release Residency”, Jim will be playing four Wednesdays this month at O’Briens to celebrate the release of his solo project, Dreams of Odessa. Each night he will play a handful of songs from the new CD that was recorded by Ethan Dussault at New Alliance Audio, and released on his label MegaVox.

For the first three shows, Jim will be accompanied by Jess Collins (Mellow Bravo, The Static Dynamic) on keys and backing vocals, and he has assembled most of the players featured on the CD for the last show, which includes: Jesse Sherman, Ethan Dussault, Jess Collins and Joe McMahon.

The lineups are as follows:

April 7th:
Dan Webb & The Spiders
Jim Healey
Mikey French Fries
The First Annual

April 14th:
Jim Healey
Cask Mouse

April 21st:
Lovers, Muggers & Thieves
Jim Healey
Birds Make Birds

April 28th:
Jim Healey
Tired Old Bones
Jess Collins & Keith Pierce (of Mellow Bravo)

O’Briens Pub
3 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA

All Shows 21+

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