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Anniversary Show Crush: The Styrenes 35th Anniversary with Tampoffs and Big Disappointments at Church, Tomorrow (4/29)!

April 28, 2010

Oh Man. OH MAN!!!! This is tomorrow night. The Styrenes 35th Anniversary Dymaxion Tour is coming to Church, and two local crushes are opening!
Think about Cleveland punk rock history: Devo, Pere Ubu, Rocket From the Tombs, Dead Boys, Pagans. Now dig a little deeper: Electric Eels, Mirrors and Styrenes. Never heard of them? Not too surprising considering Electric Eels only played about five shows in the early 70’s. In my introduction as a writer for BBC, I mentioned how there are bands out there that “don’t really give a F@CK.” Well, these bands epitomize that sentiment.
Founded by Paul Marotta, a member of both Mirrors and Electric Eels, The Styrenes play loud, sometimes droning, sometimes driving, always primal punk rock, characterized by his unique nasal drawl. The band has had many players over the years, but this tour sees the full band with UK Rattay (guitar), Al Margolis (bass), and John Keith (drums), and special guest players John Morton from Electric Eels (guitar) and Jamie Kimek from Mirrors (guitar). The band will play a full Styrenes set with additional Electric Eels and Mirrors tunes!
Opening the show are two of Boston’s finest from the obscure underground punk, and who have clearly drawn influence from the attitude and sounds of the early Cleveland era in music.
When I say obscure, I mean that the Tampoffs have been playing music for at least a decade, but have yet to release any of their own recordings, besides a split 7″ single with the DC Snipers (note to Tampoffs fans: 15 Tampoffs Fans Can’t Be Wrong, doesn’t count). This band keeps the punk rock short, fast and live (only).
The Big Disappointments came on the scene in 2006 and had the underground rumbling. No one sounded like this band. Dripping reverb, echos, incessant rhythms and the tallest praying mantis-esque bass player around. It is a trip to see this band, and they manage to capture all of that in their studio recordings. Get Psych-ed Out!
Mars Man Presents:
Thursday, April 29, 2010
Church of Boston
69 Kilmarnock Street
Boston, MA
$10, 8PM, 21+

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