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Band Crush: Movers & Shakers

May 4, 2010

Cambridge natives Movers & Shakers have been going nonstop this year. Touring DIY spaces, venues big and small, and throwing massive parties sponsored by beer companies are all good ways to keep your fans & friends close. Movers & Shakers are returning home from their week-long tour with another Boston staple, Dan Webb and The Spiders, for their 2nd annual residency at Plough and Stars. Every Thursday during the month of May, Movers & Shakers will be performing for free with other Boston-area artists at the Plough. To thank Movers & Shakers for all of their hard work and dedication to the Boston music scene, I hereby declare May the (un)official Boston-wide Movers & Shakers. To start out, we are crushing on Movers & Shakers, followed by one of the artists they will be sharing the stage with each week during their residency. Without further ado, the band in their own words:

BBC: First of all, you are currently on tour with another Boston great Dan Webb and the Spiders. How is that going?

M&S: It’s great, they’re old friends of ours and personally one of my favorite Boston bands. We’re all crammed into one van and sharing gear and the fact that we haven’t had a single tense moment speaks volumes. This van is gonna need a good febreezing though, I’ll say that.

BBC: You have played larger Boston venues such as the Middle East Downstairs and Church. What do you like about performing for free at a smaller space like Plough and Stars?

M&S: We tend to bring more of a party vibe at shows like these. It’s fun to pretend you’re a rock star at the Middle East downstairs but small shows feel like we’re all just hanging out getting drunk together and hey, let’s play some rock music while we’re at it!

BBC: Anyone who knows you guys knows that you are one of the hardest working DIY bands in Boston. You create your own posters/promotional materials, engineer your own music, book your own shows, not to mention rehearse tirelessly. Where do you find the time, inspiration, and motivation to continue doing what you do?

M&S: I [Matt Price] think we just realized a few years back that we weren’t much good at anything else, so let’s just let it consume all our time. Between my love for the visual stuff and Marc [Valois]’s knack for recording, all of that just stays in the family. Plus, we know that if we do it all ourselves, if things aren’t how we want ’em, there’s no one to blame but us. And that’s a great motivator.

BBC: You released your debut record Larrabee well over a year ago, and a 7″ split with The Cold Beat a bit more recently. Is there a new album in the works?

M&S: We’ve been writing songs throughout that whole period of time. In the few months we’ve been working with our new drummer Reid [Calkin], things have really tightened up and are heading in an exciting direction. It’s hard to find all the time we’d like to be writing between all the touring we’ll be doing throughout the spring and summer but we’re hoping to record the bulk of our second record in October or November.

BBC: What Boston bands are you crushing on right now?

M&S: Our buddies and practice space partners Drug Rug are favorites. Girlfriends are onto something as well. And not just because they’re in the van with me as I write this: the Spiders really kill it. They’ve got some good things ahead of them.

Discography (click on cover to buy):

Movers & Shakers take Cambridge pt. 2:

First show: May 6 with Dan Webb & the Spiders , The Slow DeathPlough & Stars – FREE – 21+
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