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Band Crush: Mike Fiore

May 11, 2010

In an attempt to spare Mike Fiore of Faces On Film of another piece where one attempts to categorize, genre-lize, and summarize his music, I decided to let the man speak for himself. If you don’t already know about Mike Fiore’s work, I suggest you take a look at the mountains of press he has already received over the years, or just go see him perform on the second night of the Movers & Shakers residency at the Plough and Stars. Mike is seemingly always working hard on his music and it most certainly should not go unnoticed. During the month of February, he recorded one cover song per day and posted them daily on his MySpace page; the songs are now archived on his Muxtape page. He has played stages big and small, headlined his own shows, opened for bigger acts, has performed solo, with a full band, and other set-ups in between. Mr. Fiore was kind enough to share a video of him performing F”ire & Fume (The Healing Rose),” as well as a free download of his new, unreleased song, “Make Nice,” – both of which can be found below the interview. Without further ado, Mike Fiore in his own words:

BBC: You released your first full length, The Troubles, in 2008 and have done some recording since then, such as your release of a cover song for each day in the month of February. Any plans to release a sophomore record?

Mike: I’ve got some new songs that I’ve been recording, and some general ideas I’ve been messing around with. I’d like to start working on another record this summer. I think that’s realistic.

BBC: What do you think this year has in store for you and your music career? Any big goals/plans?

Mike: Some more touring, hopefully. And I’ve been working on some songs for a movie, so if that ever sees the light of day, that’ll be something, too.

BBC: People describe your music in a variety of ways, some accurate, and some that might make you cringe. In your words, what are you trying to convey to your listeners through your music?

Mike: I don’t know. There’s a balance that I see sometimes in other people’s songs that I try to imitate. Some combination of loss and redemption. Or in seeing them play, getting a sense that the stakes are high, or something. But I don’t think about it very often.

BBC: Your live performance has had a variety of musicianship – from solo to a full band outfit. Which set-up do you feel best encapsulates your musical intent?

Mike: They both do. It’s all part of the same thing. Though sometimes it seems like it’s easier for people to get into a sound than a song, because it’s immediate, and easy to classify. You can say “this band sounds like a cross between this and that,” and if it’s not your thing, you can be done with it. It doesn’t require the investment, or the scrutiny that a song does. I’m sure that’s overly simple. But playing solo is an easy way to put the song first. And that’s nice, sometimes.

BBC: What Boston musician/band are you crushing on right now?

Mike: All the guys and girls that are involved with the Mama Bird Recording Co., who put on a periodic collaborative show called “A Grand Ole Hoot”. They do quite a job.

Download the latest Faces On Film recoring here:Make Nice”

Discography (click album to buy):

Mike Fiore performs solo at night 2 of the Movers & Shakers residency at the Plough & Stars:

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