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C.D. On Songs: Rocking Horse Rodeo – "Lucifer"

May 12, 2010

Lucifer! The Devil! ŠATAN. I feel good today, a confidence I didn’t feel, say, Monday morning. Good things are going to happen this evening. What are you going to do with your good vibes tonight? We know you have 81 things to do tonight, but we recommend you dance it off with the devilishly good Rocking Horse Rodeo tonight at Alchemist in Jamaica Plain. I don’t know much about Alchemist, but their decidedly evil color scheme on their webpage makes them sound pretty rocking. And the show tonight is free! So get your Šatan Dance on tonight with Alchemist in JP…IF YOU DARE!

Rocking Horse Rodeo – “Lucifer”
[download it!]

When a song title invokes the Prince of Darkness, one doesn’t really expect a feel-good anything. Rocking Horse Rodeo’s jaunty, major-key “Lucifer” doesn’t really bring as much hellfire and brimstone as it does a head-nodding beat and a catchy, accessible rhythm.

Hell (heh!), I don’t even detect any diminished-fifth interval in this song. What remains is a reliable chord progression that would sound in place today or ’50s doo-wop music. The chord progression and guitar swings serve to add to the generally positive vibe of the song, which starts out with a Cars-y new-wave feel that quickly switches over to the tick-tock feel of the larger part of the track.

There aren’t any chinks in this track’s armor. It’s an honest, just-over-three-minutes of melody and musical honesty. Not that honesty that tries to look you earnestly in the eye as it insists upon itself, but the type that sounds like no posture is being adopted. Rocking Horse Rodeo simply Does Their Thing, and we, as listeners, discover that we like it.

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