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C.D. On Songs: Zac Taylor – "Go If You Must"

May 18, 2010

Some guy in the news is in all sorts of trouble for misrepresenting his educational credentials and bilking Harvard University out of some financial aid money. Excuse us a second while we weep a tear for Harvard. OK, done. Do you want to see (sort of) the scene of the crime? Then come to Harvard Square tonight and find Mr. Zac Taylor (no, not this Zac Taylor) at tonight’s Acoustic Showcase at Tommy Doyle’s. You’ll be glad you did.

Zac Taylor – “Go If You Must”
[download it!]

Mr. Taylor gives us a few different – yet intertwined – looks in his “Go If You Must.” The song switches a few gears over the course of its four minutes spent in your ears. There is a certain level of musical cheer that permeates the entire program, even when it slips down to half-time tempo.

The principle feel of the song is established in the chorus. We don’t just know that it is the chorus because its lyrics contain the song title (and they do), it’s the whump-bump tempo and Taylor’s vocal highlight as well. The vocal makes several jumps into the upper registers, as if this is the place it feels most comfortable branching out.

The final third of the song starts with a soft deconstruction of the chorus as a sotto voce Taylor repeats the sentiments of the chorus under what isn’t exactly a “free” tempo, but a soft one. “Go If You Must” wears so many masks that it stands the risk of being unmemorable, but the strength of the chorus keeps it rooted in the brain.

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