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Show Crush: BalletROX Out of the Box (featuring a bevy of your fave local rockers) at Green Street Studios tonight and tomorrow night

May 21, 2010

Okay, faithful readers, here’s one you never saw coming.  If I understand this correctly (which I may not, in no small part due to the fact that I miiiight have been dipping into the boozies at press time), here’s what we got:

Mike Epstein (of The Motion Sick, and his legendary moustache), Brendan Boogie (of the Best Intentions, The Cover Up, ex-Scamper, and generally being kind of a lech), Magen Tracy (of St Helena, and being super sweet and pretty), Travis Richter (of The Motion Sick, being from the greater vicinity of Albany NY like me, and sometimes bleeding all over the Lizard Lounge), and Nate Leavitt (of The Blizzard of 78, and no other snarky comments because he’s just a solid dude with a great first name), together performing music from artists such as Tom Petty, Bright Eyes, and the Killers, all while ballet happens around them.  We’re talking performance dance — tutus, pliés, jetés — set to the strains of Brendan Boogie playing Mr Brightside.  

This is worth the ticket price.

The rock-meets-ballet portion is Act III (subtitled Cutting Through the Angst — whoa), preceded by acts backed by classical music and and 1930s-and-40s music.  

I’m mystified and fascinated.

Green Street Studios | May 21 and 22 @ 8pm | $20adv / $25doors |

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