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C.D. On Songs: I, Pistol – "The View From Here"

May 28, 2010

I am not sure which way to go with this one. Their album art clearly says I, Pistol, but the tags (as viewed in iTunes, and eventually on your iPods, iPhones and iPads) is iPistol. I’ll spare you the terrible jokes. Maybe. No, sorry. So we’re still hooking you up for the weekend, because Saturday is the new Friday this weekend. Head on over to the Rosebud (ROSEBUD!) in Davis Square Saturday night to catch the super stylish iPistol/I Pistol before they get sued out of existence by Steve Jobs.

I, Pistol – “The View From Here”
[download it!]

I, Pistol sees no reason to waste time in revealing “The View From Here.” The song blasts off immediately, and functions on random blasts of impulse power to keep the ship in the air. The band also appears to know how to turn off the juice and just coast gracefully through the song, ever prepared to turn the power back on to gain some new altitude.

“The View From Here” has a solid beat behind it that serves as a strong foundation for the blankets of guitars layered over a supportive box-spring. The guitars are legion, a saturated layer of sound that remains strong if somewhat attenuated under the strong pop!pop!pow! of the drums.

The vocals give the song some extra seasoning; retaining character while still allowing themselves to be carried by the strong undercurrents of rhythm. The band punctuates a few phrases with a nice pause before delivering the final exclamation point of an accented crash on the downbeat. This song is slickly powerful as a full package, providing lots of sonic handholds (earholds?) for the listener.

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