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Residency Crush: Pray for Polanski at O’Brien’s every Wednesday in June

June 2, 2010

By now if you’re a regular reader you know how we roll here at BBC: Local bands can have a song reviewed by our own C.D. On Songs and in doing so they not only get their music out to our readers, but they also get on my radar. Take Pray for Polanski (left): Before C.D. reviewed their song “Clever Cleaver” a few months ago, I may have seen their name around but I didn’t know anything about them or what they sounded like. Then their song came up for review & free download, and I downloaded. Now here I am telling you how awesome this band is and how you need to get out to O’Brien’s one (or every!) Wednesday night this month to see them.

The moral of the story is: Try BBC. It works!


Know what’s great? There are five Wednesdays in June! That means five chances to catch P4P. Know what else? Every one of them is only $5. Here’s the schedule:

A Bit Much
Big Big Bucks
Pray for Polanski
Radio Control

Pray For Polanski
Ice Station Impossible
Hevy Sol

Pray For Polanski
The Island Effect

Pray For Polanski
A Catwhisker Radio
Purple Myrtle

Pray For Polanski
Big East
Left Hand Does
Dave Crespo And The Afterparty

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