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C.D. On Songs: Emily Greene – "Starting Fresh"

June 3, 2010

I’m in a serious time warp here, it must have something to do with making Tuesday into Monday. Go figure. We need a constant, so let’s make it the weekend. Sunday. Let’s pick a place. Middle East Upstairs sounds about right. It’s a good thing for the universe that something sweet is going on Sunday afternoon at the Middle East, when Flash In Blue, Rabbits Running, and today’s featured artist Emily Greene will serenade you, aurally aligning you back in time. Thanks, guys!

Emily Greene – “Starting Fresh”
[download it!]

The little press-blurb thing we got with this submission claims that “It’s not easy being Emily Greene,” and I say why the heck not? If we are going to to on the contents of “Starting Fresh,” the Berklee graduate has a supremely warm sounding voice and a magnetic vocal personality.

Greene’s vocals are clearly where it’s at in this song; but “Starting Fresh” is, in itself, a well-crafted and full-sounding piece. This track has its own particular gait; full off rhythmic accents that play off Greene’s vocal gymnastics. Greene’s melodies are as rhythmic as they are melodic; the main hook of the chorus is a one-word, one-octave leap that counteracts the big drum hits. She actually does this a lot in the song; spitting out three-syllable phrases that get punched home by the accents of the rhythm.

Vocal-wise, Greene’s voice could be said to resemble early Sarah McLachlan minus the lilt. On the other hand, Greene does not seem to let much breath escape without being put into the (always on-tune) note. Remarkable, she never sounds like she is “pushing” too hard; the vocals are as comfortable sounding as they are dynamic, and that is what brings this performance home.

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