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Flashback Crush: MIXTAPE: 1993 at the Rosebud this Saturday!

June 10, 2010

I was 17 years old and a senior in high school in 1993.  At least three times a week, after the last bell had rung, my future Scamper bandmate Keith and I jumped into our cars (with our brand new drivers’ licenses) and sped up I-87 to Probe Music in Saratoga Springs, NY.  The clerk there knew us all too well; sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between his appreciation of our loyalty and his exasperation at our obsessiveness.  “No new Nirvana stuff, guys.  I’ve got a new Smashing Pumpkins bootleg though.”  We spent nearly every dollar we had (minimum wage in 1993: $4.25) at that little shop — if not on the aforementioned bands, then surely on The Lemonheads, or Belly, or Teenage Fanclub.  And the best of the best, inevitably, ended up on a mixtape.

Now I’m an old, washed up, irrelevant 30-something, and as is the case for any generation, the songs of that era of my life hold a very dear place in my heart.  Ah, glory days.

It is in that spirit that I, with BBC’s support, launch the new MIXTAPE series.  It’s a tribute show with the nostalgia on overdrive.  All the biggest, best, most seminal, most inescapable, and sometimes most insufferable songs of a given year, performed by the best of the best of Boston bands.  The goal: full and complete immersion into a virtual mixtape of that year.

We launch this Saturday June 12 at the Rosebud Bar in Davis Square, with The Luxury (with special guest Buggsy), The Rationales (with whom both I and Justin Tibbetts of Brendan Boogie‘s Best Intentions will be guesting), St Helena, and the one-off supergroup Exile in Somerville, composed of BBCers Ashley Willard (The So-So’s) and Kerri-Ann Richard (Apple Betty), Will Davies (Kingsley Flood), and Mark Dantini (Dark Martini and the Dirty Olives).

Featuring (but not limited to) the music of Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, REM, Beck, New Order, Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, James, Cracker, Soul Asylum, Gin Blossoms, Flaming Lips, Snow, Cracker, The Breeders, Radiohead, Lemonheads, and, yes, Snoop Dogg.

You need more persuasion?  Okay: Narragansett will be providing the beer.

This promises to be massive.  No advance ticket sales, so get there at 9, or you might miss the boarding of the Delorean.

Bonus points if you come in your best 1993 costume.

MIXTAPE: 1993 | Rosebud Bar | 9pm | 21+ | $7

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