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Show Crush: TonyBear / Shakes / The Peppermint Patties at PA’s this Friday

June 16, 2010

As we get our ducks in a line for this year’s upcoming One Night Band, let’s take a moment to reminisce about last year’s event. It was the shit, wasn’t it? Remember The Peppermint Patties? The band, brought together by fate (in the form of our random drawing), wrote songs about killing, misplaced body parts, more killing, etc., and boy were they fun! Comprised of members of The Luxury (Jason Dunn), Muy Cansado (Chris Mulvey), Tijuana Sweetheart (Julie Two Times), Harry and the Potters (Joe DeGeorge) and The Cult of Point Break Society (Rich Adkins), they rocked the Middle East down last August, then reunited for a One Night Band reunion show we presented in February. Alas, they just can’t (and shouldn’t!) let the magic die; this Friday night they’ll reunite once again for a show at PA’s with TonyBear and Shakes. We’re told the Patties will have a new song or two at this show. Catch them now, or risk never having a chance again!

P.A.’s Lounge
Friday, June 18th
Doors @ 8:30
21+ $8

Here’s TonyBear in action:

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