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Baby Crush: Meet Emilia Marie!

June 21, 2010

Our hero C.D. became a daddy this weekend, and we are so so so excited for him and his wife Danyelle!

Ready to squeal?


Are you thinking, boy that’s a teensy little peanut? You are right about that: Emilia surprised everyone by showing up ahead of schedule. C.D. says:

Little Emilia is doing well. She’s extremely early, but it was time for her to come on out. She is in the newborn ICU for now and she’s got developing and growing to do. She is 13 inches long and 1 pound 11 oz. She is pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now and we simply can’t wait until she is well enough to come home and meet the cats!

  1. Congrats, buddy! I became an Uncle for the first time this past September and my niece was quite early, too. She's great, though! She went from peanut to potato to squash to baby! (Those are scientific units of measure for the wee ones).

  2. Thanks Marco, the wife and I are really emboldened by other peoples' success stories. If there are any doubters, I saw the peanut-potato-squash chart up on the wall in the NICU.

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