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Band Crush: Mystery Roar

June 23, 2010

It’s amazing to consider the evolutionary and cyclical nature of music over the past few decades, as instrumentation and execution have changed with the innovation of new technology. Mystery Roar (l-r: Nathanael Bluhm, Patrick Dole, Tia Carioli, Joseph Wawrzyn, Andrew Dole, Jake Dempsey) revisit familiar disco-era beats with a heavy dose of spacey synths and samples, melding modern technology with timeless rhythms. Riding the wave of funky electronic music a la Bodega Girls, Tigercity, and MGMT, this six-piece paves its own path within the the genre. Intricate melodies weave in and out of thumping bass and drum rhythms. Each member contributes their own separate piece of the puzzle all creating a much larger piece of work. Having recently released a self titled EP, Mystery Roar are set to have an exciting year of shows and events.

BBC: Aside from twin members Andrew and Patrick Dole, how did Mystery Roar come together?

MR: Twins aside, we’ve got a lot of history together. We’ve shared everything from high school bands in Pennsylvania to cramped Somerville apartments. Mystery Roar came about in Joseph’s bedroom, where Joseph, Jake, Patrick, and Nathanael huddled around an MPC, recording and sequencing guitars/bass, synths, drums, vocals. It started off as complete studio experimentation where we were layering track after track into Ableton and not really thinking about playing the songs live. Then we decided to get serious and start playing out. That’s when Andrew and Tia came on board and we began the process of wrangling the songs with an unwieldy number of vocals, synths, and sounds into entities that we could recreate in a room together.

BBC: In all of your songs, there is not one instrument or idea that acts as a cohesive tool to hold everything together, yet everything seems to fit together so well. How do you manage to coordinate the six of you to create such organized instrumentation in each tune, each independent of one another, yet working together to create the big picture?

MR: There was a lot of editing and sculpting that went into the original batch of recordings so that all of the layers could shine without stepping over each other. We take the same approach when writing together as a live band, by paying close attention to arrangements and how we all interplay with each other. We listen to each other, and we trust each other. And it all comes rather naturally because we’ve been playing together, in some form or another, for so long.

BBC: You’ve been getting all sorts of positive press, accolades, and nominations the past couple years and have played and are lined up to play some amazing shows with other fantastic bands. You also recently released an EP in April. What do you think the rest of 2010 has in store for you?

MR: We’re constantly writing new material. We just spent a week recording at Fireplace Studios in New York with Chuck Brody for an album’s worth of songs, which we’re continuing to work on this summer. We’ve got some amazing shows coming up, this week with MEN and with Delorean in July. We’ll be dropping a compilation of remixes by the likes of Soul Clap, Jensen Sportag, Die Young, Bodega Girls, and Coral Cola. And we’re planning a big blowout for September, details to come!

BBC: Your recordings are densely packed with so many layers. How do you manage to translate all of those ideas into a live setting?

MR: We’ve got six people with twelve hands. And we’re adept at multitasking.

BBC: Is anything lost in the translation?

MR: We wouldn’t say anything is lost. If anything, it’s a lot of fun to have a full live band version of a song with slight variations from the recordings. It keeps it fresh for us.

BBC: What Boston bands are you currently crushing on?

MR: We love Bodega Girls. A lot. Hooray for Earth are still half-Boston, right? We also like Bearstronaut, Big Digits, Viva Viva, Doomstar, DJ’s Die Young, Volvox, Horsey Princess 69. And we’re loving the innovative dance nights going on about town, like ssllooww and Harum Scarum.

Download an MP3 of Mystery Roar’s ‘Mayhem’ here!

Buy Mystery Roars new Vinyl with a download code by clicking on the artwork below:

And don’t miss them this Thursday, June 24 at TT the Bear’s w/ MEN, Foxy Action DJs, and DJ Leah V

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