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Band Crush: Oranjuly (plus a ticket giveaway for Friday’s show)

June 29, 2010

Oranjuly brainchild Brian King (far left) has a knack for composing solid, layered power-pop ditties. Self-proclaimed Wilson-esque harmonizers, Oranjuly do borrow from the best — Beach Boys, Beatles, Weezer, the Zombies — taking the most endearing aspects of each and creating a powerful debut record from start to finish, which the group will celebrate the release of this Friday at the Middle East downstairs (see below for info on winning tickets!).

Most impressive is that King is a self-taught musician with little formal training. This keeps the music true at its core, taken from absorbing the art from those who inspire us all and not letting theory get in the way.

BBC: Oranjuly formed only a little over a year ago. Tell us how you all met and how the band came to fruition.

BK: I met the guys through mutual friends and work. Pretty much the band has always been a solo project, I just needed people to help me pull it off live. I already had these songs written and recorded for the most part and I wanted to get a band together to play the songs live.

BBC: I understand you are a self-taught musician. What made you decide to pick up music and how did you get to where you are today?

BK: I started playing bass in senior year of high school (2000) for jazz band and had to play “Oh Darling!” by the Beatles (which was also the first time I ever heard the Beatles – no kidding) and I was hooked – not to mention the bass line is hard as hell for a beginner. We also had to play the Flintstones Theme… I think I have a solid ear for learning and I don’t let musical theory get in my way whatsoever. Theory folk look at music like math – I don’t. It’s pop music.

BBC: Your entire debut record is really well mapped out and cohesive from start to finish. So many layers are thoughtfully placed and omitted. Explain how the final product came to be. Were most of these decisions planned prior to recording or a result of trial and error?

BK: Thanks! That’s kind of you. A lot of them came randomly and are definitely the product of knowing how to play a ton of instruments by myself and having no pressure to finish the record for a while. It’s definitely a “headphones record” where you’ll hear something new every time.

BBC: Your debut record drops on July 2. What’s on deck for the remainder of 2010 after your record release show?

BK: We just want to get the record out to people as much as possible and play good shows. Also, I’m writing an EP – but in the style of Yacht Rock. It’s not a lot of instruments – a lot of piano stuff and synths but no reverb or echo. I want it to sound straight out of 1978 LA.

BBC: For real?

BK: Yeah.

BBC: For kicks?

BK: Yeah, I want to have a focused idea. The songs are going to be amazing, but just done in that kind of style. They aren’t going to be parodies or jokey.

BBC: What Boston bands are you currently crushing on?

BK: A lot lately. The Russians (I’m playing bass at their CD release July 10th, and co-writing tracks with Corin Ashley who co-wrote the lyrics to our song Hollywood Blues), Forest Fires, Everyday Visuals‘ live shows, Spirit Kid, Sodafrog, Thick as Thieves, etc. etc. There’s a lot more too.


Download the single “Her Camera” here!


Don’t miss Oranjuly’s CD release show at the Middle East Downstairs this Friday, July 2 w/ The Everyday Visuals, The Luxury and Spirit Kid. We’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to this show! Email us with the subject ORANJULY by Friday morning and you’ll be entered to win.
Anybody dressed in Orange gets a free download of the record.

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