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Show Crush: Cooling Towers / the Honors / the Daily Pravda / Sean Drinkwater at Great Scott Wednesday

June 29, 2010

2010 is shaping itself into the year of the weeknight show, beckoning us to set the DVR, prepare a preemptive “I think I’m coming down with something…” story to cover our hangover with the boss and venture into bars we usually only know on Friday and Saturday nights. 2010 is a siren that tempts us out of our normal routine with can’t miss lineups and promising new acts, starting the weekend earlier and earlier. Is the goal to turn Boston into a constant, work be damned, music filled party? It just might be, so let’s embrace it.

Great Scott is a willing participant in this venture, after introducing us to Cheap Leather* last week (supporting BrownBoot, Cult 45 and the Murder Mile), they’re luring us to Allston again Wednesday night for a lineup that promises greatness. Cooling Towers, who made their debut just a few weeks ago at TT’s ,fuse British Invasion, California surfer rock and just a little bit of grunge. The rest of the night will bring Boston veterans: The Honors’ Smiths-meet-the-Ventures-and-shoot-up-with-Iggy-Pop sound always pleases. The Daily Pravda will bring their intelligent, undeniably cool and stylish homage to Bowie, Suede, and everything that was ever great about Manchester, England. Finally there’s special guest Sean Drinkwater, stepping away from synth royalty Freezepop for the night to get everything started for us.

9pm Doors

*seriously, guys, get a facebook page or something.

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  1. Fanks fer tha mention!- Commodore Vic / Cooling Towers

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