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Show Crush: Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents at Toad on Friday / Gloucester Sunday

July 1, 2010

Friday night brings the start of Fourth of July weekend, when the city swells with out-of-towners decked out in their patriotic finest, getting in the way and demanding to hear our accents. You just know there are gonna be red, white and blue vuvuzelas — I think I can hear them already. Fortunately Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents will be on hand to ease us into the holiday with their wonderful Chrystals & Shangri-Las inspired sound. Paying homage to everything that is great about ’60s R&B, they’ll take the crowd to a time before Ike and Tina had problems and when no one was concerned with Phil Spector’s hair. If you haven’t managed to check them out yet, this is the perfect opportunity- their girl group era style will certainly be enhanced in an intimate setting like Toad. (Still wondering: How do they fit the whole band in there and still have room for an audience? They’ve done it before so we’re confident they’ve got it down.)

In the heart of Porter Square, Toad will provide a safe haven from the sparkler wielding masses. Some might call the place small, but I prefer to think of it as cozy. Either way, they’ve always got good people, cold beer and free music. Seriously, free music — what more can you ask for? They’ve made quite a name for themselves by turning a hole in the wall bar room into a buzz worthy venue for quality music with no cover. If you want a guaranteed seat, just show up a little early and enjoy some quality cocktails while you wait — problem solved.

Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents @ Toad
No cover

Need more Dee this weekend? On Sunday, the band will play at Captain Carlos on the waterfront in Gloucester, hometown of members Samantha & Tony Goddess. They’ll play three sets from 4-7pm, so hit the road for the holiday and enjoy some pre-fireworks sunset & soul with a side of fried clams.

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