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Show Crush: Brownboot / Pawnshop Diamonds / Project Hybrid / Paper Cane at the Cantab Tonight

July 15, 2010

If you’re looking for a bit of soul mixed with your rock, tonight’s bill at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge is the place to be. Paper Cane is set to get things started in style with their good time, party rock. Have a beer or two with them and ease into the night. By the time you start to feel the alcohol working it’s magic it’ll be time for Project Hybrid. These guys are aptly named, fusing as many genres as they can into some musical monster hybrid. Dual vocalists Dani Dragon and ORYN keep each other in check and compliment each other perfectly. Now you’re feeling good, maybe it’s time to switch from beer to something a little stronger while Pawnshop Diamonds sets up and you await their southern inspired, twangy rock. Sounding like five guys from Boston that knocked over a secondhand music store in Nashville, they’re sure to make you get up and dance. By the time they’re done you’ll really be feeling those last few drinks, so it’s time to shake your ass. Luckily, it’s time for BrownBoot. Taking cues from the very best of early Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, Keith & Mick, these guys (and one amazing gal) have all been kicking around Boston for years in other bands (including Noble Rot, Bang Camaro, The Sunday Saints, Ultrasonic Rock Opera, onlyone, Eddie Japan, and The Damn Personals) and will certainly bring the walls down with their booze fueled, high energy set.

Here’s BrownBoot doing Spacepipe to hold you over until tonight:

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