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Intra-family Show Crushes: Piles @ The Good Life, Nassy @ O’Brien’s, TH 7.22

July 22, 2010

What’s a mother supposed to do? Tonight is one of those nights that drives a family apart – two brothers, in two bands, playing two rock shows on opposite ends of the city. It’s enough to make a concerned citizen of the scene call in a daytime talk show host to mediate and resolve this unfortunate situation. Brothers Chris and Jordan Hislop are the protagonists of this drama; Chris plays guitar and sings in Piles, and Jordan plays guitar and sings in Nassy, and tonight, THEY CLASH!

Piles plays tonight at The Good Life, a venue that hasn’t typically had a taste for the type of, hmm, ‘dynamically emphatic’ and sometimes abrasive music that’ll be present tonight. As a 3-piece, Piles has used the fabricated moniker “watch-rock” to describe their style, and parts of that description are apt: the uncommon time signatures and structures of their songs might resemble the complicated inner gears and workings of a finely-tuned timepiece. Add in reference points like A Minor Forest, Sebadoh and Lynx, and you should get a sense of what makes these guys tick. Piles has had a Spinal Tap-like succession of bass players over the past few years, so tonight it’s back to the original 2-piece lineup, with just Chris and drummer Trever Smith punching the clock tonight. The grunged-up punk dirge of Bugs & Rats ends this ‘Quincypalooza’ show, and somewhere in between, we’ll have also have the band (no pun intended here with the watch thing, honest) Tik Tok and between band DJ sets from Jay K and Silent Partner. 28 Kingston Street, Boston, 21+.

Nassy plays tonight at O’Brien’s, a venue that needs no introduction. If you haven’t yet tried it, I encourage you to have Melissa make you one of those tea-flavored-vodka-and-lemonade drinks (I’ve decided to name it a ‘John Daly’) – but I digress. Nassy has a ton to be excited about – at the moment, they’re recording a handful of new songs as a follow up to last fall’s self-titled debut full length, and they’re preparing a tour in September to take their game on the road for the first time. Since adding bassist Chris Johnson (Riff Cannon, Plan 17, Reserve) last year, the master plan and sound of Nassy has coming together. The 3-piece makes aggressive indie rock that’s braised with grunge, math, a ton of euphonic vocal harmonies, and enough direction changes to make it all fun to follow. Tonight they are matched up with two supremely fun bands in the roots-folk-punk market, Boston’s own Larcenist and the touring bandits of The State Lottery. 3 Harvard Ave, Allston, 21+.

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