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Band Crush: Gozu

July 27, 2010

Search ‘Gozu’ and you get results for a Japanese filmmaker’s screwed up 2004 French release rife with violence, sexual taboos, ambiguous story lines and bizarre endings. Kind of like Boston band Gozu’s theory on music-making. The band is comprised of some pretty well-rooted members of the Boston rock scene – (l to r:) bass player Jay Cannava (Miltown/Hello Attack/The Beatings/Clouds/Bodega Girls), drummer Barry “Boochie” Spillberg (Wargasm/Every Second/Mob Hit), singer/guitarist Marc “Gaff” Gaffney (Cortez/Kansas*/Chaka Khan**), guitarist Doug Sherman (Superhoney/Cortez/Kansas*). Their 2008 self-titled EP earned them a slot in the 2009 WBCN Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble; strong off that appearance, the band signed to Detroit’s Small Stone Records, also home to Roadsaw, Milligram, and Throttlerod. The band scored 2010 Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll nominations in the “Best New Act” and “Metal Act of the Year” categories. While the band is dead serious about its music, we couldn’t help but have a little fun at the expense of band dynamics, genre-stereo typing and fun-poking.

BBC: With the brutality the name Gozu suggests, why no umlauts?
Doug Sherman: We are all about the gratuitous umlaut. I recently started a new project called Cäwk Sält Bälls.
Marc Gaffney: Love the ums, comes from loving Löwenbräu as a kid.
Barry Spillberg: Lemmy (Kilmister) is the only one who can use these!

BBC: Post-Rumble, you signed to Small Stone Records. How did that happen?
DS: A bottle of Champagne Krug, 2 packs of surgical gloves, 2 Philly Blunts, a pack of dental dams, one Dradle and a Llama
Jay Cannava: Riggs! (Aka Craig Riggs of Mad Oak Studio/Roadsaw)
MG: Riggs and Doug were at a fishing derby and that is how it went down, all over a bass master contest, who knew?
BS: Ahem…DOUG!

BBC: Small Stone Recordings houses a lot of heavy acts from many subgenres – Stoner, Psychedelica, Thunderboat Boogie, Space Bat, Vamp Claw… how many other fake genres can we make up?
DS: Pre-Millennium Post Hardcore, J.Dunncore, Eno Emo, AltCountryProgDoom, LowercaseMoneyshot, Bitpophandjobcore, Gothpopsoutherncrunk, Drum and Triangle, TinkleTinkle Polkastylee, Meatwhistle Americana, Reggaehalfton, French Retro Progressive, Drool.
MG: Hawk Stew, Medieval Trumpet Blast, Shogun Follies, Frosty Funk.
BS: It’s all music good or bad. This is just another way to keep idiots interested. If you like it, listen to it. If not, eat shit!

BBC: What song do you wish you wrote?
DS: “Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta” by Ghetto Boys
JC: “Downtown” by Petula Clark and “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” by BJ Thomas

BBC: Gaff and Boochie are forced to share a jail cell. Who wins the fight for the top bunk?
DS: This is a no brainer, Booch wins! This tiny meshuga has haggling in his DNA.
JC: Gaff would choose the bottom bunk.
MG: Top bunk would be bad, especially when Booch pisses the bed.
BS: Gaff can have what he wants. You don’t mess with those big bears. What? Is that a gay thing?

BBC: If Gozu was an oversexed poptart singer girl, who would you be and why?
DS: My girl Kelly Clarkson, cause you know she’s all about the after-gig KFC Double Down snack attack.
BS: Jennifer Corday. She likes chicks. Either her or Bret Michaels.

BBC: Nickelback or Smashmouth? 311 or Sublime?
DS: I’d love to have their money. They can keep the music. These bands do nothing for me.
JC: What’s the only thing worse than 911? 311.
BS: Silence.

BBC: Gavin Rossdale or David Beckham?
DS: It would be a real treat to see these young blokes have it out with each other real sexy like. Plus you know Beckham is a true bottom. BEND IT!
MG: Their wives seem nice.
JC: Beckham is far more attractive. His voice is very mousy though.
BS: If Beckham was with Gwen, it would have been an easier question.

BBC: If Gozu were a dance, what would your signature move be?
DG: The Lambada (The Forbidden Dance)
MG: The Sweetnut Pole Shifter
BS: Pop, Lock and Drop it!

*no one in Gozu has ever been in Kansas – the band or the state
**Chaka Khan was not available for comment

Gozu’s debut full-length, Locust Season, will officially be released on Friday, September 10th at the Middle East downstairs with Township, Mellow Bravo and Zip Tie Handcuffs. It is available for download now via ITunes and Small Stone’s online store.

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