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Show/Contest Crush: The Acre / Streight Angular / Rabble Rabble / Night Fruit this Sunday (8/1) at the Middle East – win tickets!

July 28, 2010

If you’ve been hanging with me at all lately, you’ve probably heard me going on and on along the lines of “SWOON SWOON SWOON The Acre SWOON.” Yeah. I kinda like them. How psyched am I that they’re playing this Sunday at the Mideast up with another one of my biggest crushes, Streight Angular, as well as a new crush I just saw for the first time last week, Night Fruit, and Chicago’s Rabble Rabble, who I’m sure I’ll crush on too.

How psyched are YOU that you can win tickets to this big crushfest?! All ya gotta do is send us an email with the subject STREIGHT ACRE FRUIT and we’ll pick a lucky winner on Friday. Woot? WOOT!

One Comment
  1. "Streight Acre Fruit" bi-larious!

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