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Debut/Final Show Crush: Father Abraham at New Alliance tomorrow night

August 4, 2010

Yes that’s right: Local rapper/producer Father Abraham, whose ambitious 52Pickup project we were big fans of, and who recently immortalized Revere Beach in song, will play his first full-band show tomorrow night, also his LAST show (locally anyway), at New Alliance (in the EMF building, 110-120 Brookline St., Cambridge). Abe and his lady are moving to New Orleans soon and this is your only chance to catch him before he goes. It’s 100% free; at 9pm The Force will play and then at 10pm Abe will hit the stage. The tremendously generous Narragansett folks will provide free beer. Seriously, how do they make any money? Not that we’re complaining, right?

Despite his obvious badass appearance (the pink shirt and slacks really make you shake in your boots don’t they), Abe’s gotta be one of the nicest, smartest, most awesome people I’ve met during this little blog adventure of mine and I am very sad to see him go. Wish him well, won’t you?

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