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One Night Band Crush: Kevin Patey

August 5, 2010

Visit the One Night Band website and the Facebook event to find out more about One Night Band 2010 on August 21 at the Middle East downstairs. Check back here each day for more interviews with our participants!


Kevin Patey is the frontman for Boston’s rockabilly stalwarts The Raging Teens, and his solo alter-ego Jittery Jack. In addition to performing, Kevin is owner of Combat Jack Management and GM of Cambridge’s hallowed TT the Bears.

BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most like to have a One Night Band with?
KP: Tom Baker from Dirty Truckers because he’d bring that Jeff Lynne ELO vibe. Kenny Chambers, cos’ even though he’s in LA the guy writes songs like no one else. Paul Hansen from The Grownup Noise as he has the most beautiful voice in town and is one helluva guitar player. Jen D’Angora of Downbeat 5/Jenny Dee, the gal can sing and kicks ass on the guitar too. Walter Gustafson from Outlets/Mung on the drums (is there anyone better?).  My daughter Annabelle on piano, I mean, how cool would that be (although she may beg to differ…).

BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most fear having a One Night Band with?
KP: Jameson from Have Nots because his hair would always look better than mine.

BBC: Did you attend One Night Band last year? If so, what was the highlight? If not, what do you anticipate the event to be like?
KP: I didn’t, but I heard it was a blast. I anticipate lots of jealousy from the other bands because I’m gonna be in the band with all the cute gals (you guys got that check right?).

BBC: What is your normal song or part writing process? Will writing three songs in a single day drastically differ from your usual approach to creating music?
KP: They often come while driving the car. Maybe we can all get in a van and cruise around and have an entire album if we do the 128 belt?

BBC: What Boston band do you have the biggest crush on right now?
KP: Wicked Whiskey, the new album is gonna blow everyone’s minds.

Check out Jittery Jack on MySpace

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