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Art Show Crush: SweeTree Gallery Grand Opening, Thursday (8/12)!

August 11, 2010

But I know Dave Tree. Yes, I do…but do you? If not, then get your bad selves down to Rugg Road in Allston tomorrow to celebrate the grand opening of SweeTree Gallery! This is one of Dave’s shining moments in his transition from punk rock frontman to showman for the punk arts. The evening will host artworks by Alvan Long, Dean Hunter-Cutrons, Matt Media, Adrick, Chris Mac Ardle and more, including a showcase of work by Dave TREE himself.

In a recent conversation with Dave, I quickly realized how passionate he is about this project. “I have started a new gallery in Allston because this town needs a gallery … for and by artists with the hopes of showing art, not just to our peers, but to people that appreciate and collect contemporary art. We have the talent and we want your attention. I have moved out of the laundromat, out of the garage, and into an amazing new space.”

About four months ago I was lucky enough to have a first hand look at Dave’s amazing new space while he was screen printing shirts in protest of the “tea party” rally happening in town. As soon as I stepped in the place, I knew it was something special, and that I wanted to walk out of there with my own unique piece of the TREE. So I ripped off my jacket, and Dave was kind enough to screen his “YES WE CAN” emblem on the back of my blue denim (see photos below).

Dave goes on to explain, “I won’t be booking my shows years in advance, but monthly to keep it fresh…for too long art and artists have been ignored and mistreated in this town, and I am going to bring that to an end.”

Thank you Dave TREE! I am glad I know you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010
Rugg Road/28a Penniman Road
Allston, MA
Open to the Public

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