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Benefit Crush: Benefit for Ben Grenville Garceau/Boston Emissions’ Re-birthday Party with The Luxury, Streight Angular, Dead Cats Dead Rats, Gene Dante and more!

August 11, 2010

This Saturday night, Harpers Ferry presents a show that could easily stand on its own as a triumphant night of the local rock musics, but in this case it’s a trifecta of awesome: great bands, “re-birthday” celebration for Boston Emissions, and, most importantly, a benefit show for a gravely injured comrade.

Lifting this next paragraph directly from the fingers of The Luxury frontpiece Jason Dunn:

As you may or may not know already, Ben Grenville Garceau, the 24-year old former lead singer of Roman Traffic (formerly Gravehaven) and a great friend to all those around him, nearly lost his life in a serious accident in NH about a month ago (4th of July weekend). He’s recovering from severe head and body injuries in NH, and we’re all glad he’s still with us and we’re hoping for a full and speedy return for him. He’s also uninsured, and facing tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills.

Our local music scene has rallied, as it often does, to the cause with a last-minute benefit show featuring The Luxury, Dead Cats Dead Rats, Gene Dante, and new sensations Streight Angular.  The first three acts all competed alongside Ben in the 2009 WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble, so it’s kind of fitting and lovely that they would all now come to his aid.

Speaking of WBCN, our dear friend Anngelle Wood of WZLX is making the show her “Boston Emissions Re-Birthday Party,” in which we commemorate one year of the celebrated local radio show’s survival after WBCN went down in flames last summer.  Anngelle will be hosting as well as DJing between sets.  It’s a celebration of life in many ways, you see.

If you want to donate to Ben’s cause but can’t make the show, there’s a PayPal link if you click through on this site.

Saturday August 14 | Harpers Ferry | 18+ | $12 | RSVP on Facebook

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