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Boston Emissions Crush: Favorite New Local Songs on the Radio!

August 12, 2010

Live guests: Streight Angular AND The Luxury
Come to the Boston Emissions’ reBirthday Party / BENefit for Ben Grenville Garceau this Saturday, August 14 at Harper’s Ferry!

Listen to the show’s podcast. Vote in ‘Fave New Local Song Poll’ at

+Playlist 8/8/10
Loveless – Go from Gift to the World (2003)
This Blue Heaven – Generous Soul #5
Await Rescue – Dragging Chains #4
Kingsley Flood – Cul de Sac #3
McAlister Drive – Missing Figures #2
Alchemilla – Diminish #1 (holding steady for 4 weeks)

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling – First We Take Manhattan
Morphine – You Look Like Rain from Good (1992)
The Dirty Dishes – Back And Forth
Boston Typewriter Orchestra – The Revolution Will Be Typewritten
Streight Angular live – Oh Oh Baby
Streight Angular live – On The Washing Machine
Cradle to the Grave – Death of Me
The Organ Beats – Sleep When We Are Dead

The Luxury – The Mirror Fogs
The Luxury live- Nothing Comes to Mind
The Luxury live – Straitjacket
Dead Cats Dead Rats – Shipwreck
Gravehaven (aka Roman Traffic) – Breach (featuring BENefit’s Ben Garceau)
Spirit Kid – My Imagination

Thank you and you and you.
Next week: One Night Band 2 preview with Ashley and CD of AND Spirit Kid!

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