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Opportunity Crush: One Night Band 2010 Giftbags

August 16, 2010

One Night Band is this Saturday! Just like last year, we’re going to give the first 300 people to arrive a gift bag full of whatever awesome swag we can fill it with. Why? Because getting stuff is fun, that’s why.

Got a show coming up? Give us your flyers. A new venture to promote? Send us some business cards. A stack of CDs or dropcards cluttering up your practice space? Stickers? Something crazy that we haven’t even thought of? That’s what we’re looking for. If you’ve got something you’d like to include in our giveaway, let us know. Even if you don’t have 300 of something, we can do 200, 100, whatever. If you were thinking of including anything, get in touch now before it’s too late. The event is going to be awesome, and we’re trying to get Zumix as much money as we possibly can this year (check them out, they’re a great organization).

Email for more info or to make arrangements.

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