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Experiment in Songwriting Crush: Let Ryan Walsh finish your song!

August 17, 2010

Ryan Walsh of Hallelujah the Hills is an impressively hard working man. Him and HtH are gearing up the hit the road again for two long weekends in September and October, ending with a Halloween show at Great Scott with Magic Magic and Boy Without God. Additionally he creates his own musically inspired artwork, which is for sale at this Etsy page. So when we heard that he has yet another creative endeavor underway, we wanted to spread the word for your participation.

Ryan is asking for bands and musicians to send him recordings of songs without any vocals for an experiment in songwriting/overdubs. He’ll make up a melody, lyrics, and record vocals on top of the track. Submitters need to either own the copyright or have not copyrighted the song at all. A free downloadable album is the planned endgame. To participate, just e-mail MP3s to

In Ryan’s own words: “I’m just interested to find out what kind of melodies I would write over chord progressions I didn’t come up with. Take me out of my comfort zone a bit..”

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