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One Night Band Crush: Brandon Erdos

August 20, 2010

Addendum: BBC would like to apologize to Brandon Erdos for not actually posting his interview and bio on Friday. Below is the post that got swept up in the chaos. Again, a HUGE thanks to Brandon for coming through last minute and not only performing like a champ, but also for providing backline drums!

This is it! One Night Band is tomorrow night! And in the spirit of keeping things interesting, we’ve had one last-minute change: Will Davies is out due to illness, and Brandon Erdos is stepping in to take his place. Brandon’s our hero today!


The first memory Brandon Erdos has of drums is when he was 3 years old playing the Mickey Mouse drumset in his house and air drumming along to 45s of the Beatles and The Beach Boys. He’s been playing drums for 26+ years, 15 of them in the local scene. He played in Trocadero, Father Grundy, The Fair Enough, and now with This Blue Heaven (lastest CD –Spinning and Shining, available at He’s been influenced by all sorts of music (mostly jazz and rock) and for the longest time has idolized Art Blakey, Buddy Rich, Tony Williams and Ringo Starr, to name only a few. Oh, and he’s super excited to be a part of ONB!!!!!

BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most like to have a One Night Band with?
BE: Juliana Hatfield (HUGE crush), Clayton Scoble, Ric Ocasek

BBC: What Boston rockers, past or present, would you most fear having a One Night Band with?
BE: Have you seen the press on Aerosmith lately? YIKES!

BBC: Did you attend One Night Band last year? If so, what was the highlight? If not, what do you anticipate the event to be like?
BE: I did not go last year, but I hear Magen Tracy was a smashing success! As for this year, I anticipate ONB to be like childbirth, brief periods of calm interspersed with long moments of sheer panic and terror. And rock.

BBC: What is your normal song or part writing process? Will writing three songs in a single day drastically differ from your usual approach to creating music?
BE: I think the approach will be about the same as usual. I tend to be more bass-drums focused, thinking about feel and groove and the direction the songs should go. I let those melody/harmony people do their thing and try and fill in the spaces, maybe throw in something quirky to try and make things sound different. And I guess trying to not be limited to the conventional sounds of the drums, but also think about what other little percusion-y type things can enhance the music.

BBC: What Boston band do you have the biggest crush on right now?
BE: Aloud, St Helena, Low Static Romance and The Luxury.

Check out This Blue Heaven

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  1. Very nice song and well done. Even this old fat guy likes it. "Cousin" Brandon was particularly impressive.Greg Erdos

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