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Show Crush: Radio Control / Pray For Polanski / Dadfight / The Olde Maids at Club Bohemia Thursday

August 25, 2010

Do you like bands that utilize dual vocals? You do!? Then the show at Club Bohemia (ie: the Cantab’s downstairs room) tomorrow night should be right up your alley. Radio Control has been making the rounds of late; the offbeat duo always delivers with frenetic energy right from the get go. They keep their lightning-fast chords in check with equally dirty, sticky melodies, crafting a sound that comes across as spontaneous and well put together at the same time. There’s also BBC favorites Pray For Polanski, whose well constructed genre mixing is certainly something to be appreciated. Building on a foundation of folk, blues, old time rock n roll and punk, PFP are fast paced and tight as can be – constantly adding elements into the mix with a bravado that would make other bands blanch. They somehow keep their cool the whole time, reigning in parts just before they go astray, resulting in one of the most exciting live acts in the city.

Getting everything started will be Cambridge three-piece Dadfight, who combine elements of punk and pop to form a sound that is decidedly different from the boring pop punk route they could have taken, and Brighton’s The Olde Maides who play catchy, fun anthems that capture the happy party vibe the band strives for. Get yourself to Central Square and settle in early for a good time.

8pm / $6 / 21+

One Comment
  1. thanks bbc – you made our day ❤ radio control

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