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Show Crush: Old Jack, The Charms (reunion), and Brendan Boogie at the Rosebud tomorrow (8/28)

August 27, 2010

For some reason, it always falls to me to write up the Brendan Boogie shows.  Perhaps because, like Leroy Brown and Fiona Apple before me, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.  But I am repentant, and I accept my lashings; heck, I relish them.  So here’s a Friday afternoon quickie, before you all skeedaddle out of the office to go frolic about in the that water/rock garden outside Harvard Yard.  I know that’s where you scenesters hang out.

Tomorrow night, Dan Nicklin and co. revive the monthly Old Jack residency at the Rosebud.  Dan is fresh off a triumphant opening set at One Night Band 2010, absolutely killing it with his band The Bedss and their instant crowd favorite “Steamroller.”  So you owe it to him to go see his “real” band.

Also on board are old garage-pop friends The Charms, who are rocking their second “reunion” show this year, thus raising the question: how many reunion shows can a band do, and at what frequency, before they’re just plan and simple “back together”?  Whatever, I hope they play “Top Down.”

Brendan Boogie opens the night acoustic, and I’m honestly not sure if he’s bringing any Best Intentions along for the ride.  You just never know with Brendo.  You. Just. Never. Know.

Saturday 8/28 | Rosebud Bar | 21+ | $5 | RSVP on Facebook

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