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Show Crush: Apple Betty / The Backup Factor / This Blue Heaven / Apollo Run (NYC) at TT’s tomorrow (9/9)

September 8, 2010
Thirsty?  You know you are!  Come on out to TT’s tomorrow night and celebrate Thirsty Thursday with three terrific lady-fronted Boston pop bands, one delicious indie trio from NYC, one of the sweetest show posters I’ve seen this year, and some thirst-quenching pumpkin-flavored whiskey.  Mmm, that’s satisfaction.
Apple Betty, featuring BBC’s very own Kerri-Ann Richard, headlines the night with in-your-face hook-laden pop punk.  The Backup Factor — wait, have I blogged every Backup Factor show there’s ever been?  I think I have! — will win you over right quick with their über-catchy double-vixen-fronted cupcake-flavored rock (also featuring, as ever, a bevy of Matts).  This Blue Heaven‘s spinny and shiny power pop will have you feeling happy snappy, hands go clappy.  And openers Apollo Run, from NYC, bring to the table an eclectic and infectious mix that’s pretty hard to categorize but might be indie alterna-pop blues — which coincidentally is what my therapist diagnosed me with a few years back.
All that stuff dripping from the swan?  I bet it’s apple pie flavored.
Thurs 9.9.2010 | 9pm | TT the Bear’s | $8 | 18+ | RSVP on Facebook
  1. …is there anywhere to go online to hear the Backup Factor's music, or is it a secret?

  2. They're a fairly new band, so I'm gonna guess that they haven't recorded anything yet, but I've asked their leader Sarah Korval to swing by and give us the skinny. Sarah?

  3. We've locked up all of our recordings in a dungeon and only let them out every other Tuesday when we gather for tea and watch them line dance.Actually, we don't have anything just yet, and are hoping to go into the studio later this fall.-Sarah 🙂

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