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Show Crush: Vanzetti / Black Fortress of Opium / The Crushing Low / I, Pistol at Precinct Friday

September 9, 2010

Four commanding bands are coming together at Precinct in Somerville tomorrow night, each one offering a unique marriage of modern rock sensibilities and classic influence. They all defy categorization and force the audience to toss aside preconceived notions of exactly what a rock ‘n roll show should sound like, and the result should be an evening to remember.

Vanzetti combine jazz, grunge and psychedelia to create a sort of post apocalyptic folk sound; coming across as if they’d be just as at ease playing the Thunderdome. Black Fortress of Opium, aside from having one of the most powerful names in rock, create a sound that slinks from the stage to wander through the crowd. Dark and hypnotic, they offer the musical equivalent of sipping absinthe while watching Dario Argento’s Suspiria. The Crushing Low have mastered the planned distortion of shoegaze, but remain unafraid to add in some anthem rock elements and more than a little power pop. It’s a combination that allows the best of all of their influences to shine without succumbing to the pretentiousness and self indulgence that so many disciples of reverb have given in to. I, Pistol merges so many genres into their show that it makes their style impossible to pin down: the guitar riffs aren’t metal, but they’re too polished to be considered punk; there’s a lot of pop, but just as much prog, and so on. It’s probably best to just sit back and enjoy, actually.

Presented by Hear Now Live

9pm / 21+

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