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Video Crush: Madame Psychosis "Zombie Apocalypse"

September 14, 2010

Madame Psychosis is the new hip-hop project from author & poet Jade Sylvan (right), who writes and performs the raps, and Tijuana Sweetheart drummer LoWreck (left), who lays down the beats and helms production. The duo release their debut EP this week along with the awesomely awesome video below for the first single “Zombie Apocalypse,” a contagiously catchy track featuring rhymes like “No time to linger / look, a finger!”

A listening party for the duo’s Facebook friends is happening this weekend so go “Like” their page for the skinny. We’re told that for the party, Madame Psychosis will wear a wedding dress, and DJ LoWreck will wear a fishnet bodysuit. We hope they’ll be serving brains.

  1. I am wearing a fishnet bodysuit? SWEET!

  2. this is what happens when you let me write a press release! if I say it it has to happen! mwahahahaha.

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