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Show Crush: Jaggery playing Amanda Palmer’s Late Night Cabaret with Rick Berlin and Mehran Khaghani at Oberon tonight

September 15, 2010

Amanda Palmer is back home in Boston and she’s brought her Late Night Cabaret with her – a raucous celebration of music, art and comedy of the sort that she always leaves in her wake. Tonight’s edition will include local rock favorites Jaggery, who create a beautiful goth opera that crashes onto the crowd like a wave and Rick Berlin, who’s been doing this since you were in diapers and he’ll probably keep doing it long after you’re dead. Stage effects and lightshows can only hope to hold audiences in thrall the way Berlin’s storied songwriting can. The musical acts will be joined by comedian Mehran Khaghani, who proves that comedy doesn’t need to be relegated to the same, brick walled venues every time and even more importantly, wit is not dead.

AFP is the cabaret’s impresario, and she’ll also be performing solo and most likely joining the other acts during their sets. We’re told that she expects you wear your fanciest clothes and sing along in your fanciest voice. We’re also told that she can make you do these things if need be.

Advance tickets and venue information here.

10:30pm / $15 / All Ages

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