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Show Crush: The Daily Pravda (new single release) / A Wish For Fire (cd release) / Alchemilla / Oilhead at the Middle East Upstairs Saturday

September 16, 2010

Pop bands that think they can just add a little synth and dabble in new haircuts are not the future of modern indie music, and they should all look on in awe when The Daily Pravda play a show. The Pravda do everything right – stacking synthesizer and guitar sounds over each other to create haunting masterpieces that are as intelligent as they are sexy. If someone had filmed Bowie and Iggy while they were shooting heroin in Berlin hotel suites, the Daily Pravda would be the soundtrack. Saturday night’s show also serves as an opportunity for the band to give fans a download of their new, limited edition single “Evelyn,” so don’t miss out.

They’ll be joined by a fellowship of three like minded bands, each one fusing tried and true rock with modern sensibility: A Wish For Fire, who are celebrating the release of their new album Sight Unseen, the first full length offering since their 2003 debut. A Wish For Fire play well composed gothic rock, full of layered riffs and psychedelic melodies, building towering musical monuments to their metal, prog and arena rock ancestors. Alechemilla, who continue their rise to the top of the “bands you need to see” list, harness distortion and shape it to their will, wrapping it around intelligent social and political lyrics drenched in wit and black humor. Opening up the night is the extremely high energy Oilhead, who perform with the mighty enthusiasm of of a band on a mission.

9pm / 18+ / $10

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  1. Thanks for the generous show description – we're looking forward to it!

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