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Band Crush: Aloud

September 21, 2010
Henry Beguiristain & Jen de la Osa
Photo: Mick Murray, In Your Face Photo

Aloud is one of those self-aware bands whose consciousness of sonic blending and balancing produce something truly beautiful. Co-songwriters Jen de la Osa and Henry Beguiristain have been collaborating since their early teens, and their confidence in one another is a constant that shines through on all of their efforts, but their new CD, Exile, shows a certain maturity and refined sound. The band shows no sign of slowing, with the release of their third full-length record this Thursday, September 23 at Church, and a full U.S. tour to follow.

BBC: Firstly, congratulations on this great record! Exile is your third full-length release and is certainly a departure from your previous two. You seem to have more fully embraced the essence of space and atmosphere. To what do you contribute your step in this direction?

Henry: Thanks! It’s hard to answer this one because so many things came into play. A lot of the record was inspired by Reinaldo Arenas’ memoir Before Night Falls. Musically our aim was to make something cinematic, something you could pop on the stereo and feel that there’s a story or a flow going on. We worked song by song for a year, so Exile evolved as we evolved. The first time we played most of these songs was when we recorded them, starting with an acoustic guitar and a lone vocal as a basic track then adding things from there. It made it easy for us and Dan Daskivich, our producer, to really bounce ideas off each other. Dan was just as crazy as we were about chasing sounds down the rabbit hole. Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice did a fantastic job with mastering. Exile‘s not compressed to hell like a lot of records these days, so there’s room for it to really breathe. In any case, every musician in New England should be throwing wads of cash at these folks. WADS.

BBC: With such a detailed and intricate record, how do you feel this music translates in a live situation?

Jen: That was the thing we were fearing towards the end of recording, but we just tried to stick it in the back of our minds. Of course, we’ve started rehearsing the new material as of late and I can say I’m very relieved that it hasn’t been the highly impossible thing I thought it would be. It will be a different kind of show. Maybe more involving. We’re lucky to be working with Charles Murphy and James Willetts who are superb musicians and understand it’s about figuring out the heart of the song and bringing that out on the stage.

BBC: You are among the hardest working bands in the Boston scene and have a good deal of positive press, recognition and fans to show for it. Have there been any moments in your career together that have just tried your patience or really frustrated you?

Henry: Oh my god, yes. Tons. Countless. I stir my coffee with inner turmoil every morning. With everything we take on we push ourselves hard, so moments of frustration are unavoidable. Things are easier to deal with now than they were two or three years ago. We have a good support system of friends. Whenever something gets screwed up we usually laugh about whatever situation we’re in. Music’s an incredibly silly thing to get worked up over anyway. We make pretty sounds and play dress-up on a stage to entertain people, you know?

BBC: You are officially releasing Exile on October 12 and touring in support of it for a good portion of the rest of the year. What are you looking forward to or hoping to accomplish in 2011?

Jen: We’re always planning many months ahead, but mainly I’d like to stay out on the road as much as possible including getting down to SXSW for the first time while putting on bigger productions here in Boston. Make the shows a real event, so we won’t play here as much, but the shows will be more of a treat and an event. Meanwhile, we’ll be trying to get this new album out as far as our van or sky miles will take us. We don’t ever not want to be working on something.

BBC: What Boston bands are you currently crushing on?

Jen: I love Hallelujah the Hills, St. Claire and Static of the Gods. I’ve also got a special place in my heart for the Hello Ninja kids.

Check out this track, “Old Soldier,” from Exile:

Then check them out in person at the CD release show with St. Claire and Oldjack at Church:

It might go a little something like this:

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