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Show Crush: NateFest – Nate Leavitt (solo) / The Blizzard of ’78 / Parlour Bells / The Backup Factor at Precinct this Friday

September 29, 2010

They didn’t really dub this NateFest but I did. Nate Leavitt’s been kickin’ around the local music scene for years as the master guitarist and a key songwriter in The Blizzard of ’78 (once known as Delta Clutch), but only in the past year or so has he stepped out of the shadows and up to the mic with ferocious grace and a collection of terrific hats. This Friday night, he’ll own Precinct (sidenote: If you call it “The Precinct” I might punch your lights out – it’s just Precinct dammit!):

Nate Leavitt solo

Parlour Bells (also featuring local videographer and Nate’s bff since high school Glenn DiBenedetto)
The Backup Factor (100% Nate-free but brimming with Matts)

We heard Brendan Boogie will be joining Nate for a few songs, but you should still go.

Rosebud Performance of “My End”:

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