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Show Crush: Full Body Anchor / Auto Interiors / Who Killed Who at Charlie’s Kitchen tonight

October 18, 2010

Charlie’s Kitchen is offering an impressive night of rock tonight in Harvard Square –  a mighty rock n’ roll beast that shakes it’s fist at Monday night convention and demands attention. Full Body Anchor merge pop and hard rock into a mashup of grunge, punk, indie rock and pop that’s as intricate as it is catchy and enjoyable. Auto Interiors have taken to playing out again after a bit of a writing hiatus; they bring ‘70s arena rock to a house party with early shoegaze to drink everyone under the table before taking the stage and reigning down the fury of Thor’s own thunder on everyone’s heads. Who Killed Who walk the razors edge between reckless, raw rock power and prog polish, opposing forces that combine to create a sound that is greater than the sum of it’s parts. These three will combine their powers to defeat your back to work torpor, and will more than likely make you more productive for the rest of the week.
Also: the cheeseburgers are awesome.

9pm / 21+ / $5

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