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Local Radio Crush: Sunday night playlists

October 26, 2010

Boston Accents with Dave Duncan on WFNX

THE LIGHTS OUT – Back Down from their Rock Pony EP. Playing 10/30 at Church dressing up as, and performing songs by, Madonna.

ORANJULY – Mrs. G from the self-titled debut album. Playing 10/30 at Best Buy on Newbury St (1-8pm) with McAlister Drive & more.

SHEILA DIVINE – Horses recorded live at the Green Room in Providence (previously unreleased song). Playing 11/25 at Great Scott.

PINN PANELLE – Snow Falls Up from their forthcoming debut album. Song available for download at Boston Band Crush.

THE PIXIES – U-Mass from the album Trompe Le Monde. Band has new website.

– Keep Looking Good Looking from their self-titled debut album. Playing 10/31 at Midway Cafe with Doomstar and Skimask.

HALLELUJAH THE HILLS – That Ticking Sound You Hear released as digital single. Band working on 3rd album and playing 10/30 at Great Scott.

STREIGHT ANGULAR – Dance To The Beat Of The Falling Bombs from the album After and Before. Playing 10/30 at PA’s Lounge – performing a set of Passion Pit songs.

THE CAMPAIGN FOR REAL-TIME – Is Anybody Listening? from the album LA Tracks. Members of band appearing at O’Brien’s on 10/31 as part of 4 Halloween supergroups.

KETMAN – Celia Cooney from the album Ketman A Go-Go. Playing 10/29 at TT’s with Captain Cutthroat & Dana Colley of Morphine (performing together).

GILDED SPLINTERS – Cut and Run from their new album. Playing 10/28 at TT’s as The Rolling Stones.

WICKED WHISKEY – Punk Rock Blues from their album Under The Gun. Playing 11/13 at McGreevy’s with Lenny Lashley.

MEAN CREEK – The Comedian from their 7″ single. Members of band playing 10/31 at O’Briens with members of Shore Leave, Marconi, C4RT and more.

WINTERPILLS – The Ballad of The Anxious Decoder from the EP Tuxedo of Ashes. Playing 10/29 at Dream Away Lodge, Becket MA.

LADY LAMB THE BEEKEEPER – Almond Colored Sheets from 7″ single. Playing 10/26 at TT’s with Jesse Gallagher and Nina Violet.

THE POINTS NORTH – We Have Opened Up!
new song. Download at Boston Band Crush or from the Phoenix.

AUTUMN HOLLOW BAND – Focus on Rent from their new album. Playing 10/30 at The 201 in Providence.

THE LEMONHEADS – Half The Time from the album Lovely. Evan Dando performing 11/1-11/2 at Great Scott with Juliana Hatfield (sold out).

BON SAVANTS – Tidal Waves from their forthcoming album. Along with Bleu and Everyday Visuals – a bi-coastal local band.

GEM CLUB – Acid and Everything from the EP Acid and Everything. Playing TT’s on 12/4.

GUILLERMO SEXO – Neon Lights from the album Vivid Nights. Just released first video, watch it here.

GIGOLO AUNTS – Bloom from the album Flippin Out. Originally released in 1994, produced by Mike Deneen.

YOU CAN BE A WESLEY – Talking Science new recording. Playing 11/14 at Paradise with Magic Magic.

THE TRUE LOVES – Crack Symphony from their new 7″ single. Band recorded handful of tracks without the Capitol Recording artist Eli “Paperboy” Reed.

THE GRAVEL PIT – Get Tangled! from the album Silver Gorilla. Album originally released in 1998.

THE SPOILERS – Same Old Song from their new EP. Song available for download at Boston Band Crush.

GRASS IS GREEN – Uhm Tsk, from their album Yeddo. Song available for download at Boston Band Crush (that’s us!).

Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood on WZLX

Piebald – American Hearts from We Are The Only Friends We Have, 2002.

CRADLE TO THE GRAVE – Death of Me from Cradle to the Grave, 2010.

MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES – Detroit Rock City from the KISS my Ass comp, 1994. Playing the 13th annual Hometown Throwdown Dec 26,27, 28 at House of Blues.

RUNNER AND THE THERMODYNAMICS – Mechanical Heart from Runner and the Thermodynamics, Reunion show 11/19 at TT the Bear’s with The Lights Out, The Organ Beats and Minor Stars.

THE ORGAN BEATS – Sleep When We Are Dead from Sleep When We Are Dead, 2009.

ANN DRISCOLL – I Wanna Be A Zombie from Heavy Rotation, playing 10/25 at Paradise Rock Club with Mrs Danvers supporting Corin Tucker of Sleater Kinney.

BLACK HELICOPTER – Golden Days from Don’t Fuck With the Apocalypse, 2010.

ORANJULY – I Could Break Your Heart, live in studio.

ORANJULY – Val and Arrow, live in studio.

ORANJULY – Hollywood Blues from Oranjuly.

ORANJULY – South Carolina from Oranjuly
(Thurs, Nov 11 Middle East up with Pretty & Nice, Spirit Kid, Hot, Protestants)

SPIRIT KID – Honestly (single, 2010)

Top 5 Fave New Local Song Poll

#5 WATTS – Chaperone from On the Dial, due in November.

#4 POWDERHOUSE – Keeping My Heart

#3 ONE STEP AWAY – Here We Go

#2 THE LONGWALLS – Touchdown

#1 THE CINNAMON FUZZ – Time Bomb Tickin’

CAPTAIN CUTTHROAT – Dakota featuring Dana Colley from Maciste, playing 10/29 at TT the Bear’s with Ketman, The Acre and Manifest.

ELECTRIC SUGAR – Chemical Reaction from Electric Sugar, 2010

RIBS – Brains Out from British Brains, 2010

DIRTY BOMBS – In Every City (demo, 2010)

ELDRIDGE RODRIGUEZ – The Shame of the Scene from You Are Released, due 2011.

KEEP ME CONSCIOUS – Thicker Than Blood from Sounds of Rescue, playing 10/27 at Paradise Rock Club with Anberlin, Civil Twilight and States (all ages!).

Bay State Rock with Carmelita on WAAF

STOMPBOX – No Woods, A Carm classic pick.

– Beautiful & Numb, performing 10/28 at Tammany Hall in Worcester with New Pilot.

ELECTRIC LASER PEOPLE – The Makeout Song, performing 10/29 at The All Asia with Ethan Robbin, Lucia & The Ambassadors, Hannah Fairchild and the Highway.

– The Haunted Guitar, performing 10/31 at The Rosebud Bar in Davis Square – A Halloween Costume party.

– Sexy Singers, performing 10/28 at The Plough & Stars with Angeline.

MIDATLANTIC – Never Said Forever, performing 10/30 as Lady Gaga with The Luxury as The Go Go’s, The Lights Out as Madonna and The Hot Protestants as Britney Spears.

– Carry On. Troy from Razors In The Night joined us for an interview on WAAF!


CAPTAIN CUTTHROAT – Hexapus, performing 10/30 at TT The Bear’s with Dana Colley, Ketman, The Acre and Manifest.

BLACK HELICOPTER – Buick Electra, performing 10/28 at O’Brien’s with Eugene Robinson of Oxbow and The In Out.

THE GOBSHITES – Alcohol (GangGreen cover), performing 10/28 at opening for Hugh Cornwall (Strangler’s lead singer) with Vostok 4 – Hugh performs entire LP Rattus Norvegicus.

THE FRANKS – Tiny Catch, performing 10/29 at Mill Street Brews in Southbridge, MA with Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse, Burnpile, DJ Jaybone and more for the Halloween Music party.

ERIN HARPE – Chauffer Blues, performing 10/27 at Johnny D’s in with Stone River Dogs.

– Dancing With Her Friends, performing 10/29 at The Rosebud Bar in Davis Square with The Rudds and Boston Beat Machine.

AXEMUNKEE – Whacked Out Love Story, performing 10/29 at Sally O’Brien’s in with Sool and The Weisstronauts.

JESSICA PROUTY – Nothing, performing 10/29 at The Sad Cafe in Plaistow, NH with Convey, FYVE, Halfway Point and Sanctify.

THE RUDDS – The Femuline Hang On, John Powhida of The Rudds performs10/28 at TT The Bear’s Place with Preacher Roe as Guided By Voices, BrownBoot as The Faces and Gilded Splinters as The Rolling Stones. The Rudds also perform 10/29 at The Rosebud Bar with Sidewalk Driver and Boston Beat Machine.

THE CLASSIC RUINS – previously recorded live acoustic from April 18, 2010 (thanks Brian Wanders).

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