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Show Crush: Eugene S. Robinson / Black Helicopter / The In Out at O’Brien’s tonight (10/28)

October 28, 2010

It’s been over a year, but tonight The In Out take to the stage at O’Brien’s and ride again! The band had taken what bassist Nick Blakey describes as a “much needed hiatus,” and in the process have started writing and recording material for their newest record, The Venal Column. In addition, during their time off, Nick took it upon himself to conduct a film experience that would attempt to harness the energy of The In Out by asking folks who have been a part of the bands history a simple question, “What is the In Out All About?” Speaking from experience, since I am one of the interviewees, the answer to this query is much more difficult and personal than one may initially assume. Perhaps you can answer for yourself as you watch, Proposition Mental: What is The IN OUT all about? 

Indie psych-rockers Black Helicopter take a vertical landing this evening. When I say psych, I really mean psyche, for their brand of all out mental assault brings the listener to some very dark places within their own mind. They are kicking off their November tour to promote their record Don’t Fuck with the Apocalypse which is all being promoted by Kickstarter.  Show your support and check out their Kickstarter campaign online.

Oxbow frontman Eugene S. Robinson tops off the night with his maddening storm of spoken word and sonic turmoil.  This evening he will be reading from his latest novel, A Long Slow Screw, a title that titillates the imagination into virtual ecstasy.  But if you know anything about Eugene’s writing style, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the screwdriver if you get too carried away.

The lineup (front to back):
The In Out
Black Helicopter
Eugene S. Robinson

Thursday, October 28th
Obrien’s Pub
3 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA
9PM, 21+, $10
Facebook Event

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